Your wedding reception is an important part of your big day.

It’s the “social” portion of the day, and your guests will be anticipating the food, wine, and dancing. That’s why it’s important to choose the best wedding caterer – your guests will remember two things: the quality of the cuisine and the service, so you want both to be flawless while staying within your catering budget.

A reputable and professional wedding catering company can ensure that everyone at your wedding reception has a great time. Once you choose a wedding caterer you gel with, the event is almost certain to be one to remember.

Here are some of the things to look for in a wedding catering company to ensure your wedding is all you could hope for and more.

Check your venue

Venues frequently feature a list of preferred or exclusive caterers. If you’re having your wedding reception in a venue, this can make your job very easy by simply choosing one from the list. However, if you’re not, finding a great wedding caterer is a little more difficult.

If your event is to be held in a marquee, for example, it may be a good idea to choose a caterer that has experience dealing with the unique conditions and challenges that such an environment may bring. Similarly, if your event is on a fixed site, the caterer should be able to advise you on your requirements.


Although you may be tempted to give an up-and-coming caterer a chance, you should be aware that using catering services with minimal expertise involves risks. For an occasion as significant as your wedding, we suggest getting recommendations from contacts and following up on references and testimonies from potential caterers by phone or email. Many catering companies specialise in a specific style and size of event. Take the time to interview a few caterers to choose who has the most relevant experience for your Essex wedding.

Menu flexibility

A catering company should be prepared to consider more than simply taste and your budget. With an increased requirement to accommodate food allergies and intolerances, it is crucial that your caterer can be flexible with their service. Check with each catering company you speak with to see how they accommodate menu changes as you narrow down your guest list.

Photos of previous events

Looking at photos of the food from prior events of your chosen catering company can give you an idea of how they present their food and their attention to detail. Even the smallest finishing touches of a dish really lift the food from an average dish to something that wows your guest.

Taste testing

The menu tasting is not only the best part of choosing your wedding caterer, but we believe it is an essential part of the process. Despite the fact that many caterers may have amazing marketing, photos, and reviews, the evidence of a successful caterer is truly in the pudding! It’s crucial that you sample the menu to ensure you have get a flavour of what they offer to help you make the right decision. At Lovejoy Catering, we offer bespoke tastings so you can try the exact dishes you’ve selected to really get a sense of how the dining experience will be on your big day.

Top menu tasting tips…

  • Spend time with your caterer beforehand to discuss your menus so that at the tasting you’ve got a good idea of what you’re tasting and why you’ve picked those dishes.
  • Take pictures of the food at the tasting so that when you get home you can remind yourself of what it looked like.
  • Consider the whole experience. The food is important but what was the team like who you dealt with?

Communication is key

Decisions and discussions can get confusing when working with a large number of people. Although your catering company will have staff members with varying responsibilities, they should assign a dedicated manager to your event who will support you in making decisions, keep you informed about plans, and be able to help if anything doesn’t go to plan. This event manager should undoubtedly be present at the key moments of your event.

Experienced staff

Quality cuisine and an innovative menu are just half of the story when it comes to the success of your wedding’s catering. The attitude and presentation of the catering servers can make or break the day – dig a little deeper into the staff that will be at your wedding on the day.

At Lovejoy Catering & Events we are passionate about providing our customers with great food and a first-rate service so you can have a wedding to remember. We are proud of our food and would be delighted to demonstrate this for you at one of our tasting sessions held twice a month.

Please get in touch on 01376 425376 or to come and taste our food.