Traditionally barbecues were something to be enjoyed in the garden with your family, but barbecue catering is now a modern and popular choice for any event. Whether you are planning to host a corporate event, a hen party, summer birthday party or a wedding reception barbecue food can be a real crowd pleaser. 

Whilst it is still uncertain when events will be able to go ahead this time can be used for planning future events. The outdoor nature and flexibility of a barbecue lends itself well to social distancing and other guidelines you may need to follow. Barbecues can be set up nearly anywhere outdoors and with spring and summer fast approaching a barbecue could be the perfect option. 

When it comes to event planning, one of the biggest tasks is choosing and organising the food. Your guests have different and unique tastes and there are allergies and dietary requirements to take into consideration. Barbecue menus offer something for everyone. From juicy burgers and spicy chicken to meat-free products, potato options and salads. Barbecue catering menus focus on simple yet delicious options for any kind of event.

Social Occasions

It can be hard to socialise whilst also handing the BBQ so to ensure your event is a success it is best to  leave it up to the professionals. Hiring barbecue caterers is ideal for social gatherings, such as parties and baby showers, as it means you can spend more time socialising with your guests and less time preparing and cooking food. 

Lovejoy Catering and Events’ tailored barbecue packages are ideal for any event and the good quality, delicious food will keep your guests happy.  We’ll handle everything from set-up through the clean up so that you can focus on mingling with guests and having a good time. 

Corporate Events

One of the biggest benefits of barbecue food is the versatility of the menu. Large events, such as corporate parties, are likely to have a diverse range of people attending. Alongside the conventional options such as burgers and sausages, good barbecue caterers will have a large range of menu choices available that are likely to impress everyone attending. 

Events being held in the workplace are a popular option due to the simplicity and cost saving benefits. However if there is not sufficient space to host the event at work you will need to think of an alternative location. When considering your venue for a barbecue you will need to discuss with your barbecue caterers whether there is enough space for their equipment and that there is access to the services they require, such as electric sockets and running water. A professional catering company will conduct a site visit to discuss this with you so you will know exactly what you need to provide at your venue for your event to be a success. 

Formal Occasions and Wedding Catering

Barbecue catering can be as casual or as formal as you require it to be for your wedding or event. For a formal wedding reception, bbq food can be served on fine china by waiters, or if you prefer something more casual, it is also perfect for a laid-back garden party. Barbecues are particularly suited to a summer marquee wedding as they allow your guests to watch their food being cooked which provides an instant talking point for your guests. 

Barbecue catering is growing in popularity for wedding receptions as the simplicity cuts out a lot of the stress of planning. Barbecue catering can reduce the time needed to plan seating arrangements and makes it really easy to ensure that everyone is catered for no matter their dietary requirements. 

Another advantage of barbecue catering is that it tends to be a more affordable option, especially for large numbers, as it often requires fewer waiting staff. Barbecue catering usually costs less per guest meaning more money can be spent on a larger guest list or added luxuries. If budget is of concern, then you should be able to find a menu to suit your budget without losing the quality food. Take a look at Lovejoy Catering and Events’ barbecue menu for some inspiration. 


Lovejoy Catering and Events cannot wait to return to serving barbecue food at all types of events. Our barbecue catering options provide a great atmosphere and will make your event unique, offering your guests the wow factor. Whether you are planning your wedding, a christening or summer charity event, no barbecue is complete without some drinks. Our bar services would be a great addition to your barbecue so that you could really enjoy your party!

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