Weddings and the wedding catering industry were really hit hard in 2020 with many couples postponing or canceling their weddings completely. The disruption is also causing problems with 2021 weddings. Whilst it is unlikely that wedding receptions in the UK will go ahead within the next few months, if you are looking to keep your wedding date later this year you may need to start considering the size of your guest list. It is unknown when wedding receptions and wedding food will be allowed in line with Government guidelines, but we do know that guest numbers will almost certainly be restricted. 

An intimate or small wedding is generally considered to have between 30 and 60 guests. Micro weddings are even smaller, with guest numbers usually no more than 20. Opting for a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise, especially with the wedding food. As specialist wedding caterers, Lovejoy Catering and Events have already seen some new and unique wedding trends emerge. With spend significantly reduced by catering for fewer guests, there has been more attention on the menu and the way the food and drink has been served. We know how to work with you to make a small wedding feel special for you and your closest friends and family.

Consider Your Venue  

If you have decided to go ahead with your wedding, with a much smaller number of guests than you had originally planned, consider your venue and the space you have hired. Have a conversation with your venue to see whether there is anything there can be done so that your venue doesn’t feel too big for your number of guests. Let your venue know your ideas as they should be flexible to ensure that your day feels intimate and special for a smaller number.  

Depending on the size and layout of your venue you may be able to change the setup of your wedding reception. Let your caterers know what you have in mind as they will be able to tell you if your plans are practical for serving the food. They will also be able to advise you on ideas that you may not have yet considered. For example, changing the layout or style of your tables could make a big difference to the room. Perhaps swap large, spaced out tables for longer banqueting tables, which will keep your guests in one place and allow them to interact better whilst still keeping a safe distance.

Get Creative With the Catering 

If you are no longer catering for a large number of guests you may have room in the budget for a more elaborate wedding menu. Having fewer guests to feed can mean a vast number of options are now open to you. Lovejoy Catering and Events have seen our couples putting more consideration into accommodating their guests’ dietary likes and dislikes and there have also been some special and quirky menu requests. You may decide to swap your casual barbecue for a more formal, three-course sit-down wedding breakfast now your guest list has halved. You may find you now have space in the budget for those canapes or the special dessert course you had your eye on.

 Consider the Timing of Your Wedding

Traditionally weddings are an all-day affair, but with a smaller guest list and fewer guests to mingle with, you may decide to shorten your wedding day and opt for an earlier or later ceremony time. 

Twilight weddings are generally several hours shorter than the traditional wedding, and this may suit you better with a smaller guest list. A twilight wedding would still give you the time to offer a formal sit-down wedding meal, but you may choose to keep the day casual and offer an informal food option, such as a barbecue or street food with cocktails. 

Or if you are more of an early bird, why not consider a morning ceremony and a tasty brunch reception to follow.

Our couples in 2020 absolutely loved their smaller, more intimate weddings. Lovejoy Catering and Events would be excited to offer delicious and unique menu options for your smaller wedding. We will also ensure that all safety measures are adhered to. 


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