Planning a wedding or a large event can be a daunting experience. There are so many different aspects to consider, such as choosing a venue, drawing up a guest list and booking a photographer, the list can seem endless! 

It is likely you will only plan one big wedding in your life so it is understandable that you’ll need advice from your venue and experienced suppliers to ensure your day runs smoothly. For over half a century, Lovejoy Catering and Events have been a professional event catering service. Being one of the premier caterers in Essex, we have an in-depth experience of weddings and events, so are well placed to guide you on planning your perfect day. These are our top wedding catering mistakes to avoid.

Don’t leave choosing your caterer to the last minute 

Often the best suppliers, including catering companies, can be booked a couple of years in advance. It is therefore really important that once you have booked your venue, you start your search for a caterer who is able to cater at your venue on your chosen date. 

Booking your caterer early also means you have plenty of time to enjoy planning your wedding menu and tasting your wedding food without any last minute rush.

Don’t be tempted to choose a caterer or package out of budget

Make a budget for your wedding catering prior to researching and contacting wedding catering companies. Being clear about your budget, and any menu ideas that you may have, ensures that caterers can then provide an honest and realistic proposal of what they can provide within your budget.

You may find it useful to get quotes from a couple of different caterers but bear in mind that if a price sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. 

It can be easy to get carried away with your wedding menu and very tempting to add in additional extras like champagne, ice cream vans and extra courses, but do consider whether the extras are really worth it. 

Sticking to a budget does not mean you have to compromise on quality. A good caterer will be able to create a menu you love and provide your guests with delicious food, whilst advising you on how to stick to your budget.

 Don’t skip the wedding tasting

Good quality professional caterers will offer a tasting session prior to you signing on the dotted line. Tasting sessions allow you to meet your potential caterers, see how their food looks and tastes, and discuss the practicality of the menu you are considering. Attending the tasting session also gives you an insight into the level of service the catering company provides. 

At Lovejoy Catering and Events we invite you to come to our venue The George at Kelvedon to sample our food and hospitality before you book with us. We offer a free tasting session so you can see the quality of our presentation, the size of the portions, the presentation and very importantly the taste of our food. 

Don’t choose your wedding menu to please others

Whilst it is important to account for your guests’ dietary requirements you do not need to plan your whole wedding menu around them. Asking your guests for their dietary requirements well in advance means you and your wedding caterer have time to plan options which account for allergies, vegetarians, vegans and other special dietary needs.

Don’t run out of food

If you have never planned a wedding or large event before it can be really difficult to know how much food you need to provide for your guests and at what intervals. Your wedding day could be a long day and you do not want your guests to feel hungry, especially if alcohol will be served. 

Consider your wedding day plans from start to finish and discuss this with your wedding caterer so they can advise you on quantities of food. Your caterer may suggest that canapés are served in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast whilst the photos are being taken.

Don’t forget the drinks

Don’t forget Lovejoy Catering and Events offer drink and bar services including a fully licensed bar and staff. These options can accompany any of our wedding catering services. Find out more

Most of these wedding catering mistakes are easily made but can simply be avoided if you choose the right wedding caterer to guide you. 

The caterer you choose should be experienced and knowledgeable in the wedding industry. Lovejoy Catering and Events have been hand-selected as one of the top 3 catering companies in Chelmsford

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