With so much uncertainty around weddings and events in the UK and around the world, and the continually changing guidelines, it is no wonder brides and grooms are struggling with their wedding planning, or even putting the planning on hold completely. What is certain is that weddings will not look the same as they did, and there will be a new normal. While your wedding may have to be different from what you originally planned, here are some tips on making the most of your wedding catering and what it could look like. 

Lovejoy Catering and Events offer a wide range of wedding catering services in Essex and further afield, from large weddings with 300 guests, where we provide the food and drink as well as run the event, to smaller, more intimate receptions in family gardens. Since weddings of 30 and then 15 have been permitted, Lovejoy Catering and Events have put measures in place to keep our guests, staff and other suppliers safe whilst providing our top quality wedding catering services. From hand sanitiser to face masks, and other practical measures, such as changing the way food is served. For example, we work with our wedding venues to implement social distancing guidelines and the current rules on households mixing, the outcome of this is fewer place settings per table and spacing the tables further apart to accommodate the new rules, quite a different sight indeed!

Out with the buffet catering and in with the table service  

Although a sit-down meal is considered to be the safest catering option for weddings, Lovejoy Catering and Events understand that this is not always what couples want for their special day. Whilst couples have had to adapt their plans and become more flexible on certain aspects of their day, it is important to be able to offer options to our couples and expand our wedding catering services to meet the demands of the new normal. 

Buffets and sharing platters have been very popular in recent years. This type of catering provides a relaxed and casual atmosphere, allowing guests to mingle, but also providing a variety of food choices. Unfortunately, the nature of a buffet means your guests will share serving utensils and social distancing is likely to go out of the window. If buffet type food is really what you had in mind for your wedding catering, why not consider individual buffets which can be either boxed or plated and offer this option in a safer way, whilst still offering the versatility and delicious assortment of food found in a traditional buffet. 

Similarly, barbecue wedding catering often falls into the buffet category, as traditionally barbecues are served buffet style. Got your heart set on a smokey, flavoursome, meaty barbecue, as a specialist wedding caterer, we can adapt our options to suit your event?

Street Food and Bowl Food 

This option is not canapés and about the size of half a main course. It is a unique way of serving food to your guests, whilst staying as safe as possible, even adhering to social bubbles if necessary. It’s great for informal, intimate weddings during COVID and beyond as it allows your guests to stay in the same spot and doesn’t require your guests to share serving equipment. 

There is no restriction on what you can serve in the individual bowls and this means you can cater for a variety of different tastes, request and dietaries. If you’re unsure of the choices we can recommend options that give your guests the greatest variety suited to their tastes.

Lovejoy Catering and Events are committed to using fresh and locally sourced produce for maximum flavour and we work with our couples to create a unique experience so can create a bespoke bowl food menu to suit your special day. Take a look at our menu for some inspiration.

 Outdoor Wedding Venues 

You and your guests will, without a doubt, talk and mingle with one another, so you need to consider a venue, such as Marks Hall, with lots of space and airflow. At this time, ideally, your reception would be outside, although this can be difficult with the English weather.

With the sudden rise in hospitality venues providing marquees and tipis for their guests to sit outside, there are currently many places you can check out the beautiful, cosy and COVID safe outdoor options which cover you from the elements. With clever placement of patio heaters your outside space will quickly become warm and cosy.

Lovejoy Catering and Events have a number of wedding catering services suited to outdoor weddings, from a barbecue to a hog roast, or our tasty street food, the possibilities are endless and we would always recommend calling to talk through your plans. We are here to assist you in helping you choose the perfect menu for your special event

Quality over Quantity

Although couples may be finding it difficult to look at the positives of wedding planning during COVID, do bear in mind that a smaller number of guests could allow for a more adventurous and exciting menu. Downsizing from 60 day guests to 30, or even 15, may mean you have more budget to opt for a few extras you hadn’t already considered. 

Larger wedding receptions are being reviewed, but it’s an ever-changing situation so we advise all our couples to keep an ear out for developments, and of course, an open mind. 

Close communication between your venue, wedding caterer and any other suppliers is fundamental, particularly regarding guest numbers and developments in Government guidelines. At Lovejoy Catering and Events we pride ourselves on the great relationships we have with the venues we work with. If you have chosen a venue and are not sure on the best wedding catering options, please, get in touch with our friendly events team as we’d love to see how we can help.

No wedding or event is complete without some drinks. Our bar services would be a great addition to your wedding so that you could really enjoy your special day. 

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