Corporate Catering, Essex

Wine and dine your colleagues in style by choosing Lovejoy Catering and Events as your corporate event catering service of choice. We have over 50 years’ experience within the industry and have been delivering gourmet food and drink since 1963. We bring the friendly professionalism that you’d expect from a family-run business to every event we work on, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

If you’re running a business or are acting on behalf on one, then you may find yourself in a situation where there is cause for celebration and you’ll have to search for corporate catering near you. Perhaps you’ve launched a new product, are experiencing a training day or simply want to relax and enjoy a well-earned awards ceremony. Maybe you’re looking for business lunch catering, or looking for corporate breakfast catering. You could even be looking for some corporate Christmas party catering. Regardless of your reasoning, the catering can make or break such an event. Not to worry; Lovejoy Catering and Events are on of Essex’s best corporate catering companies, on hand and ready to impress.

Work with the Professionals

We’ve provided food and beverage to thousands of events over the years, from weddings to corporate parties. You can be confident in the capabilities of our staff; we deliver high-quality every time, no matter the location or specifications. We’re flexible, and willing to work around your requirements. We also work with the finest ingredients, qualified Chefs and talented project managers. Let us help you get your corporate catering running smoothly.

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Choose the Perfect Catering for Your Event

We offer a hugely varied corporate catering service and can display your food and drink in a manner that you deem most fitting. If you’re undecided or unsure about what will best suit your event, don’t be afraid to call up our team. We’d be happy to advise you on which we think would be the best choice for you. For corporate events we offer the following services:


If you’re holding a more formal event, then corporate dinner catering is probably the first style of corporate event catering you considered. Nothing says a formal event like a sit-down dinner, and we offer a number of packages suited for all events, from award ceremonies to charity fundraisers. Choose from our gourmet and standard menus and enjoy the finer style of British cuisine.

Delivered Finger Buffets

These versatile corporate buffets are perfect for almost any event in the sense that they can be customised to meet your exact needs. Whether you want some light snacks for an afternoon event or a high-quality barbeque for the perfect summer evening, Lovejoy Catering and Events will deliver the best corporate buffet catering. You can also build upon these packages with a number of salads, sweets and sides.

Barbeques and Hog Roasts

If you like the sound of a barbeque but want to ‘go the whole hog’, then consider a hog roast. Perfectly suited for outdoor events, this has always been a popular choice for our customer’s events, be they corporate, public or private. Nothing beats the smell of a hog roast in the summer sun, and your guests and colleagues will appreciate such a gourmet meal.

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Hot Fork Buffets

Hot fork buffets are a good middle ground between formal dinners and light corporate buffets. Cooked and served on-site wherever you need it, these flexible services are well-suited to corporate events. Our events management team would be more than happy to help you select some of the most fitting dishes, from gorgeous Mongolian Beef to our delicious Homemade Lasagne.


If you’re looking to serve food before an event starts properly, or if you’re only looking for something small, then our canapés will be perfect corporate event catering package for you. Subtle and easy-to-eat, canapés can be the great way to kick-start an event and are a great choice for early-afternoon events when your guests may not be very hungry.

Event Bar Services

Treat your guests to a pleasant selection of alcoholic beverages with our bar services. You can supply the alcohol yourself and simply utilise our staff and glassware, or you can make the most of our full bar package. Either way, these particular corporate event catering services are great for closing out events later on in the evening, and are often well-receieved when there is cause for celebration.

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Corporate Catering Prices, Essex

If you’re looking for a premium full service, then reach out to our specialists today. Lovejoy Catering and Events is one of Essex’s best corporate catering companies, offer our corporate event catering at affordable prices. Give us a call on 01245 353 564 to get in touch with our team and get your quote started today.

You can also find our contact form, along with brochures providing more details about our catering, over here on our corporate events page, and you can find some first-hand reviews of our services over on our Facebook page. Let one of the finest catering services in the business help you to kick-start an event to remember.